Python girls warmly invites you to our code and coffee event!

Stuck on some code? Working on something exciting? Want to learn something new or teach someone? Bring your laptops, a sense of curiosity and join use for code and of course coffee

Code & Coffee are informal and inclusive co-working sessions.

People of all skill levels bring their personal projects - building an app, writing a blog, going through programming exercises.

The events are unstructured, informal and relaxed - they are designed to provide community support to women who are actively learning to program.

Date, Location and Cost

For upto date details, take a look at our facebook page

What to bring:

A laptop, a curious mind and a feel good vibe

What to expect:

If you know nothing about programming, we will help you get started with an online tutorials

If your already studying programming, bring your homework, and work as a group

If your working on a side project, bring that and discuss it.

Need ideas for a side project - we can help you with that.

If your an experience developer, come and talk about what your working on and mentor other people. Technology is always changing, even senior developers need to constantly learn, to keep up with new technologies.


Learning to code by yourself is hard - we aim provide community so that you don't study alone.

The events are heavily marketed towards encouraging women to become active programmers but all genders are welcome.


An intermediate level of English is strongly recommended - but you can survive with google translate.

The events are about sharing experience, whether its C, C++, python, java, Linux, databases or systems administration.

Code of conduct:

These events are designed to encourage women to become active developers, but we welcome all genders.

Please respect our code of conduct, specifically, no abuse or harassment.

We remind you all of Bill and Teds rule - 'be excellent to each other'

New to code?

Start with introduction to python by code academy

You can use google translate in chrome to translate the tutorial into/Ukrainian. Select the free option, you don't have to pay for it

Next install python on your system

Windows - Install anaconda python

Mac - Install homebrew and brew install python3

Linux - python usually comes pre-installed.

Find small projects to copy and work on, Look at real python for inspiration, suggestions are:

How to organise a wedding using python, google sheets and SMS

There are various small projects/tutorials at

Interested in data science? Install interactive Jupyter notebook

Work through interactive Jupyter notebooks for developers

Start exploring notebooks

Create a account and share some code (don’t publish your passwords!)