Project brief

Python Girls Ukraine

Software engineering is one of the few ways to earn an excellent salary in Ukraine. Salaries start at $500 USD for beginners, $1500 for intermediate and $3500+ for senior positions. This compares attractively with local salaries

Approximately 15% of younger men work in a technical field and a further 15% work directly with software. However less than 1% of young women write code and even fewer are experienced programmers.

The python girls Ukraine project aims to run support groups (code & coffee) and workshops to actively encourage and promote the development of female programmers.


Our initial workshop will provide a practical, hands on introduction to programming, which will show women how writing software can be useful in both their professional and personal lives.

Code and coffee meetups

This will be supported by informal 'code and coffee' meetups where people can come together to share, discuss and learn from each other about code that they are actively working on.

Project Scope

The python girls project is designed to support existing programming schools and services, rather than to compete with them. Teaching yourself to program can be a difficult and exhausting process - our goal is to provide support through community driven regular meetups and focused workshops.

Project goals

Our long term goal is to improve train women in relevant software skills that will enable them to improve their salary.

Many projects attempt to empower and improve the lives of women. Out approach is that this is best achieved by helping them become financially independent